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The rat male loves a person to steal the bones to keep watching the opportunity to contact

real teen faith real teen faith

When we fall in love with someone, we can't hide, look at the people you like, your eyes are light, this is no matter how you hide, there is no way to conceal. Like a person, you will go to each other on every small detail, you will be very interested. So what kind of reaction is a mouse to love a person who loves to love?

From time to timeBi Men is a very inherent person, they generally don't say it when they like someone, just secretly secretly, although they usually cover very well, they will sell them because they always It is interested in unintentional people who love their favorite people. When they love a person, I really love to my bones, I like that person.

Send a GiftAlthough the mouse is a typical straight man, this does not mean that they are stupid. In the contrary, they are a very smart person. They know how to get close to their favorite people, that is, give them a gift, they always like to put I have a unique thing to share with my beloved people, I want to make my favorite people to share this joy.

Looking for reasonsThe mouse is a very lonely person, so they don't take the initiative to contact someone in general, only when they are interested, they will contact the person, and they are actually very smart, When they like someone, they will find that they will contact that person, let themselves and people have more opportunities to get more, so they can understand more.

Unusual gentlenessMistan men are very indifferent, they don't have access to anyone, because they feel that there is no need, I feel very annoying, but when they really like alone, They will become very patient and very gentle, they are willing to be wronged for those who like people, just to make people love people happy.