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Sri Lanka has more than 20 elephants from eating plastic waste within 8 years.

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Sri Lanka has more than 20 elephants within 8 years of consumption plastic waste (Figure / built from Facebook / Nihal Pushpakumara)

According to EttoDay (internship reporter Wei Wei): Sri Lanka has 2 hungry elephants to go to the garbage cover to find food, but die due to accidental plastic waste. However, this situation is not the first time, the country's wild elephant has been in the increasing habitat, often ventures to ran into the human life area for food, and more than 20 elephants died in the past eight years, a large amount of garbage is not degradable. Plastic.

The garbage field is in the capital of Colombo, the Pallakkadu, a Pallakkadu, a Pallakkadu, an east of COLOMBO, and about 20 elephants in the past eight years, died because of the consumption of plastic. Wildlife Veterinary Nihar Pushpashpapu Mara (Nihal Pushpakumara) said, "Polyethylene, food wrapping paper, plastic, other things that are not easy to digest, is the only thing we see in the autopsy, elephant There is almost no food that is eating or digested. "

Sri Lanka's elephant gradually lost habitat these years, must adventure near the human life area, gradually face extinction crisis, from about 10,000 in the 19th century, only about 6,000 left in 2011. Comprehensive foreign media reports, elephants are often the goal of pirators, or because of stepping on crops and destroying the house, they are placed by farmers, and finally die from the touch explosive, electric fence electric shock or shooting, official information, 2019 There are 369 elephants die from non-natural reasons.

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