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"Anti-reflective very light eraser": physicist discovered new extreme light

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"Anti-reflective very light eraser": physicist discovered new extreme light

According to CNBETA: Foreign media reports, people living in high latitudes have been attracted by Aurora - Arctic Light and Antarctic Light. However, even if it is so long, it seems that the earth is ethereal, and the danced lights still hide some secrets. In a new study, the physicist led by Iowa University reported a new feature of the Earth Atmosphere.

The researchers found through the video found in nearly 20 years ago, some of the diffuse reflection is dark, it is like a huge ink paper. Then, after a short period of time, this part suddenly appeared again.

The researchers said that this behavior called "diffuse reflection very light eraser" has never been mentioned in the scientific literature. Related Research Reports have been published on "Journal of Geophysical Research Space Physics".

When the charged particles from the sun - the solar wind - the protected bubbles of the Earth will produce a very light. Some of these particles will escape and to the Earth, and the energy released when they collide with the gas in the Earth's atmosphere, produce light-related light.

Assistant Professor Iowa Physics and Astronomical Department, the paper's papers, AlLison Jaynes, pointed out: "About these rubber, we didn't know how but now, the biggest thing I know is their existence. This puts forward a question: These is The universal phenomenon that is ignored is very rare? Knowing their existence means having a process in creating them. This may be a process we have not started to pay attention, because we now know that they are happening. "

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