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Can you hear the mysterious sound produced by Northern Light?

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The pro-party claimed that when a particularly strong Northern Light presented in the air, there would be a quiet, almost noticed, and the sound quietly appeared.

In the first International Polar Annual Investigation Report, Danish Teacher Sophus Tromholt and the Young Henry Dawson have focused on the Aurora. In 1882, Trent Helt established a research base in Cot Kino, Norwegian village in Finland and Norwegian borders.

This is an Aurora imagery observed by Adam Paulson on November 15, 1882.

According to Sina Technology: Foreign media reports, there is a mysterious phenomenon that it has plagued the observer for a few centuries: Wonderful green and red Nortar Dictionary creates any identifiable sound? Due to the interaction of gas molecules in solar particles and earth atmosphere, the aurora is usually in the vicinity of the Earth, where the magnetic field is the strongest. However, the report on the audio of the audible sound is very rare, and it has been neglected by scientists.

But in 2016, a study finally confirmed that the Northern Light did generate the sound of human ear! The recording of a researcher recorded by the study is even claims to capture the sound of the mysterious Northern Light of 70 meters.

However, the mechanism behind this sound is still very mysterious, to hear such a sound must meet some conditions. Recently, Dr. Fiana Emei, Ph.D., Ph.D., University of Cambridge University, University of Cambridge, analyzed the historical report of the Aurora, thus analyzing the mystery method, thus determining the expiral sound reported is an objective phenomenon. , Or fictitious.

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