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"Genetics (English version)": Ancient DNA research reveals genetic history of East Asian pigs

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The possible origin of East Asian pigs and the direction of the population diffusion direction of wild boar in the Yellow River Basin

According to the Institute of Ancient Anthropology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences: On December 11, 2021, "Journal of Genetics and Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Biology" published China in the form of research papers The ancient Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ancient Human Institute of Anthropology, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Shaanxi Provincial Arctic Institute, and the Commonly dominated the completion of the East Asian pig mitochondrial whole genomic research results. The study obtained 42 cases of Chinese ancient pig mitochondrial genomic data from the Yellow River Basin, found that some types were previously existed from the nematic era until it was now in the Chinese pig group; since the new world, the pig group has had 2 fast population expansion Increase. These research results are of great significance to understand the genetic history of home pork mother in East Asia. Be

The successful domestication of animals has a milestite in human society. The pig is one of the first animals that have been domesticated and played an important role in agricultural society. It is also an important "model animal" studying animal domestication. At least 10,000 to 8 mils, the pig has been independently domesticated in the Anatolia region and the China Central Plains. The ancient DNA research has confirmed Anatolia's home pigs entering Europe with the early agricultural population of the Neolithic Age, but I entered the European local wild boar mixed, leading to European current home. The pig only retains 0-4% of the Near East ancestral ingredients, showing almost completely alternative. And our research found that East Asia is completely different from Europe. Be

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