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2022 Nine Star Feng Shui Layout

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Northern part: a white greedy wolf star (peach blossom)

In 2022, a white greedy is flying in the north. One white star is the fond of the firing, the orientation is Geely. This star is a peach blossom star, and the five elements are water, mainly affecting marriage, humanity. One white star is the most gorgeous for unmarried men and women, which is conducive to discovering new opportunities and promotes love. To find the object of the heart, you can place a kind of star photo of your favorite type at home house, and then place a fever mascot according to your own birthday, and the peach blossom is very fast. Married families need to pay attention to this kind of feather gas field to avoid marriage. Especially the long women in the home, young housewife. Family with pregnant women should pay attention to the tires, and unmarried men and women should avoid unmarried pregnancy. Be

Southwestern orientation: two black giant door (case)

This is a bad body, and there is a symbol of the disaster. This bit should be cautious. This location has poor physical condition, or the influence of life is unfavorable.

Zhengdong-Dongwei: Sanbi Luoxing (Nothing)

This is that the tongue is right and wrong, often has a small person, this location, such as a poor, for the hut angle, with him is not something wrong, it is an inevitable place or a lawsuit.

Southeast part: Si Green Wen Qu Xing (Wen Chang)

This location is a studio fortune, with the expansion of the academic business, more good luck, this is to place a good, and the recent studies have expanded, the gold list title, good luck.

Zhongyong Orientation: Five Western Stars (Ferry Disaster)

This location is the murderous position, there is a car is difficult, the water is disaster, this location is a five-yellow big, representing disaster, death, blood light disaster, this location should be placed, or this bit should not work.

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