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May 4th Youth Day slogan short

real teen faith real teen faith

Below is a short slogan for Xiaobian's Five Youth Day, welcome to read the collection.

1, not afraid of entrepreneurship, nothing, afraid, lazy, mediocrity!

2, welcome Baifeng to the nest, invest in hometown!

3. Respect the entrepreneurship of entrepreneurship services.

4, forever with the party, youth is a cause.

5, let the group emblem flash on the position, so that youth is sublimated in the dedication.

6, dance youth, show yourself; let go of dreams, hug tomorrow.

7. Concentrate the strength of youth and the development of the services.

8, the spectral youth, the style of the show.

9. Cultivate youth entrepreneurship and enhance your youth entrepreneurial capacity.

10. United youth, service youth, condense youth, promote youth health growth.

11. Organize youth to guide youth service youth to maintain youth legitimate rights and interests.

12. Good at learning is diligent, thinking about innovation, strict contributions.

13, ignite the torch of youth, and rush to a better tomorrow.

14. Combine with the people, worship the people as a teacher, learn from the people, is the only way to grow up healthily.

15. Hold a five-four torch, and strive to be a pioneer.

16. Concentrate the strength of youth, the development of the services.

17. Carry forward the "May 4th" spirit of patriotism and democratic science.

18, let the group emblem flash on the position, let youth sublimate in the struggle.

19. Carry forward the spirit of the May 4th, practicing scientific development, and bonding young people.

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