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"Golden Shovel Battle" deacon VIP fire male lineup with Raiders

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In the game, the player can be mixed in the game of the game, the lineup of the deacon is a good lineup. I believe that there are still many small partners who are very clear how to match the VIP fire, the following small series brings you. "Golden Shovel Battle" Deacon VIP fire male lineup with Raiders, interested friends to see it.

"Golden Shovel Battle" deacon VIP fire male lineup with Raiders

First, the lineup composition

Composition of lineup: fire man, 拉, Sindra, male knife, budovina, Buron, fox, Ze Li

Composition: 5 deacons, 3 Cindijia, 2 black magic mage, 2 bodyguards, 2 scholars.

This lineup is based on fire male, can be said very happy, as long as it operates, it is also possible.

Second, Hetry

Assistant: Super VIP, spell blade, energy shield, Luzen's echo, feather level player, station after me, the back row, the flying, the charm, DD block, beneficiary, gold tickets, etc.

Transfer (heart), bodyguards (heart), black magic mage (heart), scholars (heart), Cindijia (heart), social celebritic (heart).

Exclusive Het:

Super VIP: Provides a [Sindra], when a friendly army is killed, the friendly troops provide 30% maximum health for [VIP] (lift the upper limit of blood).

Charm is difficult to block: Provide a [budena], [deacon] we have 20% damage (improved fare).

Third, equipment selection

Fire male: Blue Tear, science gun (essential), law explosion, big angel, ghost book (replace).

Because the fire male skills blue consumes 20 equipments Blue Erms can be unlimited, the science gun can improve the battery life can also give the team friend return blood, the third piece can make a burst of damage, or you can give a big angel to stay (big angel: every After 5 seconds, you have a 25 spell intensity) or consume it to the ghost book.

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