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"Wolong 2" Lu Bu lineup

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Many players in Wollong 2 games are still unclear, and Lu Bu is equipped with a lineup. Next, Xiaobian brings "Wolong 吟 2" Lu Bu lineup with recommendation, interested friends, come and see, hoping to help everyone.

"Wolong 2" Lu Bu lineup

Soldier: Pioneer - cavalry / gunman

Three-dimensional: the power is excellent, the intelligence is low

Skill: Unparalleled - I don't hurt me, causing war damage to all the troops on the field. With the increase of star, the damage caused by the enemy troops is getting higher and higher, and the damage caused by the troops is getting lower and lower. Enter the [Irritance] status and subjected to an extra reply to the attack.

Analysis: As the high injury warfare, Lu Bu's skills, injured the enemy also injured the teammates. Lu Bu has gradually increased the damage of the enemy from 0 stars to 2 weeks, but it is also gradually increased to his own people. That is to say, Lu Bu wants to go, and maintain it in 0 stars or cultivated directly to 3 stars. The above is more.

At the same time, [irritation] invalidate the enemy's non-rising morale. In the mechanical stream, many of the bow soldiers (drums) can increase the veneration of the enemy in the group of enemies, but the [irritation] effect in Lu Bu skill can break this status quo.

The above is the "Wolong 2" Lu Bu lineup and the recommendation of the recommendation, more hand of the attack, please pay attention!