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Zodiac is the emperor of the snake: Xiang Yu

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(232 BC - the first 202 years), the name, the next people, from the nobility in Chu State. In 209 BC, killing the Qin Xiangjun County with the uncle, responding to the uprising, and the soldiers were born, and the river was fighting. After the launch of Liang, Qin Jun was desperately deer. Song Yi, Xiang Yu led the army to rescue. In 207 BC, Xiang Yu killed the enemy's unrestrained Lord Song Yi, broke the boat, and fought Jingshui, after a fierce battle, finally a big Qin army. Xiang Yu was pushed as "the generals of the princes", since then, Xiang Yu became the hero and leader of the anti-Qin struggle.

Xiang Yu was repeatedly defeated the Qin army to surrendered the chapter. In the last chapter, Xiang Yu was surrendered, and Xiang Yuke kills up and 20,000 people, eliminating the main force of Qin Jun. After attacking Xianyang, the death of Qin prince, burning the palace, dividing, and standing for the West Chu Bawang, Dingdu Pengcheng. Xiang Yu's seal has caused dissatisfaction with the generals who have gripped heavy soldiers, including Hanwang Liu Bang as the Lord. Xiang Yu and Zhu Wang's hegemony is mainly Chu Han hegemony. In the early days of the Chu and Han War, Xiang Yu repeatedly defeated Liu Bang, and also captured Liu Bang's father and wife. Although Xiang Yu is very brave, but there is no vision, lack of vision, just use it yourself, don't listen to a good words, with a speech, many talented people such as Chen Ping, Han Xin, etc. go. Chen Ping, Han Xin waited from Liu Bang, especially Han Xin, led the soldiers to the city, occupying the rear of Xiang Yu. Xiang Yu gradually belonged to the warfare war. (Constellation)

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