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Want son married Feng Shui son's bedroom is located in the peach

real teen faith real teen faith

Due to the imbalance in the proportion of men and women, the current big men's youth gradually increase, for their parents, if their son can't find love objects, naturally feel more anxious, at this time, it is not appropriate to give his son too much marriage pressure, also You can use the Feng Shui to remind the son's marriage.

Feng Shui Item

Want to give your son a good marriage, feng shui items are essential. It can choose a crystal ornament, and a pink crystal must be selected, or a strawberry crystal, because they are taking peach blossom. As for the purple crystal, it is not suitable because it is safeguarding love and marriage, suitable for the son to be married. At the same time, you can also place some peach blossoms in the home, such as peach blossom trees ornaments, peach blossoms, peach blossom painting, etc., so that the son is getting simpler. At the same time, you should also let your son go out and participate in various social activities.

Home layout

If you want to remind the marriage of the son, you need more time and effort to place home. First find the son's peach grade, then carefully arrange, the peach graphics can not be stackable, keep clean, and also ventilate. It is best to directly place your son's bedroom in the peach blossom, which will definitely improve their feelings. At the same time, you can also hang your baby's drawing in your son's bedroom, which can help your son get married as soon as possible. In addition, the son's room needs to open the window every day, promoting the circulation of indoor and outdoor air, so that the yang in the room will become more and more strong, thus recruiting good marriage.

Take the initiative

As a mother, in order to make your son have a good marriage, you must learn to take the initiative, use some effective ways, such as how to look at the blindle angle of the local park, if there is something, please note the contact information, take the initiative to match the son. For example, you can also in listening between friends, relatives, and colleagues, see if there is any suitable candidate. In short, we must actively take the initiative, so that more people around us know that their son is in single state, this will take the initiative to introduce the appropriate object.