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Test your entrepreneurial ability

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What is the concept of entrepreneurship for you?Can you be suitable for your own business?Want to know the answer?Follow the editor to test it!


When you go to the hotel with your friends or others, do you usually order food?

A first talk about what you want to eat.

B first order it, and then change the surrounding situation.

C hesitated, ordering slowly.

D first ask the clerk to explain the situation of the dishes before ordering.

E regardless of others, just order what you want to eat.

Point f as the same dish as others.

Test Results:

A is straightforward, open -minded, and suitable for entrepreneurship.

B is cautious, lacks mastery of global consciousness, and must not hesitate in entrepreneurship.

C is meticulous, safety first, and has more entrepreneurial advantages.

D hates the command of others. If you can be humble, it will be more helpful for entrepreneurship.

E is decisive and easy to cross the first step of entrepreneurship, but it is difficult to say whether it is correct.

F obedient type is not suitable for entrepreneurship.