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Suitable for the contract in April 2022

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I want to know which day in April is suitable for the contract, I need to query the yellow calendar, from the questionab to the label, 5 days in April 2022, the contract is 5 days, respectively, April 3, April 4, April 7, 4 On the 20th, on April 25th, everyone can choose the best day sign contract.

The following is a detailed list of the old yellow calendar of Zhou Gong Ji Dream official website for you in April 2022:

1, Guan Calenda 2022 April 3, Sunday

【农】 [Yi] Marrying sacrifice travel crown to pay the vocal trading into the population, migration, repairing the dynasty [忌 忌] Open light stove fast burial [Time] 1 Calclubs:15: 00-16: 59; 2 Hihai:21: 00-22: 59 [Chong] Po Long

2, Guan Causa on April 4, 2022, Monday

[农] 阴 历 March 4th [Yi] open a ticket trading hanging the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred [Avoid] Marrying the mourning rack horse is a beam hairdressing animal husbandry burial [时] 1 Yes Ya:9: 00-10: 592 午 午:11: 00-12: 59; 3:19: 00-20: 59 [Chong] snake

3, Guan Causa, April 7, 2022, Thursday

[Agricultural] Yunluna March 7 [Yi] Order Naji grafted into the population, relatives and friends transaction coupons, exfoliation [忌 忌] Entering the housing [Time] When the army is done:15: 00-16: 59 [Chong] rushing to the monkey

4, Guan Causa, April 20, 2022, Wednesday

[Agricultural] March 20 [Yi] married travel accounts crown 笄 安 床 床 成 成 作 作 交 交 券 券 券 殓 殓 殓 殓 殓 柩 [忌] Wait Luno [Time] 1 Ding Yu:9: 00-10: 592 Geng Shen:15: 00-16: 59; 3 Xinyi:17: 00-18: 59 [Chong] rushing chicken

5, Guan Causa, April 25, 2022, Monday

【农】 March 25 [Yi] Sacrifice blessing open light relieved the dynasty [忌 忌] into the population travel to marry and place the bed to be buried [时] 1 whalburma:11: 00-12: 592 he does not want:13: 00-14: 59; 3 Geng Shen:15: 00-16: 594:19: 00-20: 59 [Chong] Taoji South

The above 5 days is the Huangdaoji Day, which is suitable for the contract in April 2022. Zhou Gong Ji Dream Official Website reminds you that it is best to take the day when checking contract Huangdaoji, and then check it out. At the time of the day, the Division did not contradict each other. Please try to avoid your bustling day when you select a contract. In addition, since everyone's eight-character norms are different, the signing of the monks in April 2022 in April 2022 also needed to combine the best programs in combination with the life of the life.