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Dream of taking money

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of the money, the five-line main supply, this dream is the recent signs of breaking money, and there are many people in the world, and the career is more difficult, and the small people around me. There are more people who ask for money.Geely, summer dreams are unlucky.

In the foreigner of the people, we will seek money in the northwest, the wealth of wealth is good.

Single men have this dream, there is noble person who has noble people, and everything should be treated with sincerity, such as the intrigue, and there is more uneasy.

Middle-aged women have this dream, and the peach blossoms have a big sign, and those who are very poor, with others have a sign of entanglement, and they are not equipped with each other, and the fortune is difficult to improve.

Engaged in processing trade, water production and other related workers dream of taking money, five lines of gold, to have this dream, wealth, and wealthy people can not claim.

Engaged in medical, health, etc.