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Dream of a headache

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of headache, five lines of primary wood, get this dream, is a lot of people in the career, people with gentleman, fortune more improvement, such as too stubborn or urgent to make a moment, greed is lost.

In the spring dream, the main business is more than the small people, such as recent investment related issues, don't be involved with others, you can't get lost, everything should be cautious, life is more than others.

Summer, this dream, if the emotions are entangled, there are more than a sign of the feelings, the dreams in the dream are the payment of the wish, the feelings are more disadvantaged, seek the dream of scholars, smart, academics The results have improved.

In the autumn, I have a dream of this dream, Jinmiki, the cause is not obvious, it is cautious, it is a good taste of wealth, if there is any dispute with others, life is more disadvantageous.

Winter is getting this dream, intelligent, sincerely with others, good luck, rich in money, such as being stubborn, then the small person is involved, it is difficult to smooth, life has an uneasiness.