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2022, the twelfth lunar month, what is the hard work

real teen faith real teen faith

The efforts of the parents are all in order to make their children have a good growth environment. Even many parents planned to plan the development of the whole life for their children. In fact, parents' wishes are very simple, just hope that their children can have a happy life, such a life is to rely on a good birthday.

What is life?

Queen birthday: January 11, 2023

Lunar New Day: December

Characters: [寅] [丑] [巳]

Five lines: [water] [Soil] [Soil]

NAP: [Gold Foil] [Sang Song] [Dabin]

巳 日 日: five elements

This day's day posture is explained

According to the interpretation of the relationship between the dry branch, I know that this day is a human life, and the people who have born this day and slow, cautious, mind, but have more, and independent. It is easy to be treated by the situation and prevent being taken away. Died with the day of the day. The Japanese column is a selfishness, the Japanese posture is as follows: [巳] [Medium] Jin Shen, the owner is just right, smart, there is fire, but the fire is not happy. Sit down the printed, robbery, hurt officials, hurt, printed, no say, but the injured officials, easy to be framed by small people. Smart talents, hands and feet, small names, do things, do things, husband and wife, don't wait; women's clothing and food is not missing, good care, people, small stratum, small, qualitative, blessing, can happiness .

This day's twelve time

Time 23: 00-00: 59 寅 丑 巳 巳 子 子

Ugly 01: 00-02: 59 寅 丑 巳 巳

At 03: 00-04: 59 寅 丑 巳 寅 寅

卯 05: 00-06: 59 寅 丑 巳 巳 丁

Chen time 07: 00-08: 59 寅 丑 巳 巳 辰

巳 巳 09: 00-10: 59 寅 丑 丑 巳 巳 巳

Nunch 11: 00-12: 59 寅 丑 丑 巳 午

Nothing 13: 00-14: 59 寅 丑 丑 巳 巳

Shen Xia 15: 00-16: 59 寅 丑 丑 巳 巳 申

时 17: 00-18: 59 寅 丑 巳 巳 酉

19:00-20: 59 寅 丑 巳

Hai 21: 00-22: 59 寅 丑 巳 巳