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"I don't want to go online", the 6th customs clearance

real teen faith real teen faith

"I don't want to go online" is a fun challenge, the player is a student, but I don't like the online class, so I want to escape the online class, but I can't be found by the teacher, this is the test player's operation and thinking. When it's, how is the 6th? Let's take a look at "I don't want to go online".

>>>> "I don't want to go online" all custom card customs Raiders Daquan

"I don't want to go online", the 6th customs clearance

Enter the game interface, see a magician, the boy is on the right room.

Click on the hat on the magician head, reveal the key,Click to get the key.

Open the door with the key, pass the customs

Game details

I don't want to go online, players in the game, because the epidemic can't go to school, I can only go home at home every day. You have nothing to learn from all kinds of binding, and the mentality has not been adjusted, and the players need to unlock according to the scenes in the level, and with a new way, find a very useful props, which can be smooth Escape from the network, a variety of magical props help you, let you complete the challenge more easily.

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