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The most smartest star of the purple oversight inside the most intelligence

real teen faith real teen faith

In fact, everyone's fortune has decided from a birth, but it is not absolute, and everyone's fortune may change due to various factors such as environment, so many people like to come in different stages. Predict your future development, then you have to learn about the number of purple oversight, then what is the most smartest star in the purple oversight? Let's take a look.

Native star

Everyone is not the same for smart understandings. Tianji Star is called "Good Star", the main Xuanhe wisdom, in the violet number, "Tianji" is accompanied by the purple and Mei Star, driven by its guidance, and other stars can follow the track. The sky is smart, the reaction is fast, and the ability to adapt is strong. In variation, it is often accommodated, elastic use, with the environmental motor adjustment strategy, there is no lively performance in calm, so that you can inspire yourself and Conversion in action. It is very strong to study thoroughness to things to have a thoroughness of the study. But there are too many ideas, sometimes it is not necessarily a good thing, so I am flexible in my mind, I am very suitable for the work of scientific research.

Tianfu star

In addition to the sky, there are Tianfu Stars. Nan Dou Wang Xing, the gas is sage, such people usually have a little smart, and this smart will not reveal easily. Emotions are relatively high, flexible, can solve some small problems in life or work quickly.

Giant star

In fact, it is also a way to express a smart way. The giant star five lines are all three, which can be understood as being more complicated, thinking is clear and active. In the dark, it can often find that others can't see, put in a real life environment, that is, the perspective and ordinary people different. They can always use different angles to find different problems, no matter what they do, so they often have not understood by those around them, but they have admired them.