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In August 2022, what day is the best lucky date for animals?

real teen faith real teen faith

In the past, many people will have some livestock, and they can be eaten on the New Year and New Year. They buy small ones regularly every year, and then take it home to cultivate slowly. This is a major matter in the people. Therefore On the day, small animals that you buy back can survive more easily, and then grow up healthily to achieve disease -free and disaster.

Inquiry in August 2022 Naishota Jiji Ri inquiry

August 5, 2022, July 5, August (small) on Friday, 08, Leo

Chong: Chong Monkey (Jiashen) Sha Beibei

Yi: Opening the market transaction, the establishment of the coupon, the wealth of the fortune, marry the marrying the Nazeta, Na Cai, enrollment, and the shipment, the sale of the animal shepherd, the soil, the soil,

Tabo: Joining the house to make a stove to worship the soil

Peng Zu Baijie: Geng does not try to sacrifice the ghosts without sacrificing the weaving machine

August 7, 2022 Lunar Calendar (small) Sunday, 10th, Leo

Chong: Chong Dog (Bingyu) Shaanan

Should: sacrifice crowns as stove transactions, wealth, wealth, web, nourishment of animal animal husbandry

Taboo: Opening the canal shipbuilding bed to bury the soil and break the grave to dig and dig the market.

Peng Zu Baijie: Ren does not draw water, it is more difficult to guard against Chen, not crying, the Lord will be killed

Gregorian calendar: August 11, 2022, July 11, August (Small) Thursday, 14th, Leo

Chong: Chonghu (Geng Yin) Shaanan

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