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What kind of person will be accompanied by good luck all his life? That rich?

real teen faith real teen faith

In the traditional Chinese numerology, the life of a person is destined at the time of birth, and we can understand one or two through the quality of life.


Yintang is located between the double eyebrows. Here is the life palace. The birthday of the birthday is not only the fortune of life, but also the usual good luck. Generally speaking, Yintang is smooth and dark, without pollution, no loss of losses. And the wide and bright person, good luck is often there. Even if the Indian is not open, it will always inspire themselves and remove the unnecessary comparison and troubles, and there will be good luck.

Tight eyebrow color

Regardless of the men and women, the hair is not sparse, not scattered, and constantly cracking, that is, to be meticulous and determined, and it is also a matter of being affinity, full of emotions, and organizing things. It is an important basis for winning good luck.

Eye Eye Balancing

That is, the ends of the eyes of the eyes are on the horizontal line, the eye shape is positive, and the light gather is a peaceful person. It is not arrogant or impatient. And more comfortable. Those who are pursuing good luck need to be remembered from time to time, letting go of the unnecessary contrast, laughing often, heartbroken, firm mind, good luck can come naturally. In the long run, the face will change a lot.

The nose is wide and closed inside

The nose not only represents the ability of financial management, but also represents whether it will live, there will be a planned life, open source and throwing, and do not set off at will. Such people often rely on continuous accumulation, and live a solid life, which is good luck. It is good luck. Mutually.

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