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In 83, the pigs live in a few floors. Feng Shui 83 years of pig buying a house for taboos.

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Sometimes we can change our life fortune by buying a house. Because Feng Shui science is the main part of Feng Shui, we must consider the Feng Shui of the floor when buying a house. How many floors are good feng shui? What are the taboos of pig buying a house in 83?

In 83, the pigs lived in several floors good feng shui

In 83, the pigs of the pigs are water, so the best floor to buy a house is the floor of the five elements of water or the five elements of gold, and the floor of the five elements of water is a floor with a tail number of 1 or 6; It refers to the 4 or 9 floors of the tail number. Therefore, 83 Pigs live in the 11th, 16th floor, 14th floor, 19th floor, etc. are good feng shui.

What are the taboos of pig buying a house in 83

1. Avoid buying a house in the disaster year: when people who belong to pigs in 83 are buying a house, they must carry out a large amount of money. If you choose to buy a house in the disaster year, it will easily lead to damage to your wealth. Big bumpy. For those who belong to pigs, their catastrophe years refer to the year of the pig who committed too old; The most taboo has a lot of money flowing.

2. Avoid buying five elements of Xiangke: The five elements born in the pigs born in 83 are water, so when they buy a house, they must not buy the floor of the five elements of Xiangke, that is, the fire attributes of the fire attribute of 2 or 7 floors at the end of the floor The floor of the floor, the floor of the floor with 5 or 10 earth attributes. Pig people encounter calamities and even affect their life.

The above is the contents of the taboos of pigs in the 1983s who lived in the pigs in the 83rd floor. In the 83rd, the pigs bought a house. It is for reference only. If you are more concerned about Feng Shui, you can consult a professional Feng Shui master.