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"Running Dungeon" combat power improvement method

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"Runaway Dungeon" is a Q cute RPG mobile game. The game is May 13, which is today's public beta. Many Mengxin is still unclear how the combat power is improved. The following is the "Rubbing Dungeon" brought by you. Share the combat power improvement method, let's take a look together.

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"Running Dungeon" combat power improvement method

1. Level: Promoting levels can not only increase the basic attributes of the heroes, but also unlock more skills and more new functional systems.

2. Equipment: In the game, you can get a lot of equipment in the game, the cheats hanging up, and the purchase of the store. After the equipment that is equipped, it can significantly improve the combat effectiveness.

3. Pets: There will be many benefits for the opening of the game. Among them, there is an event to send ice dragons. When we complete the designated task, we can get the reward of powerful pets.

4. Talent: In the game, we can use talent fragments to enhance our talent (you can get it through cards and grocery stores) to increase combat power. In general, when the characters have three purple quality four -order talents, the combat power is more than 200,000.

5. Guild Technology: After participating in the guild, we can upgrade the guild's technology to bring a small amount of improvement to our combat strength.

6. Artifacts: There are seven artifacts, namely: [Abyss Corner], [Endless Ring], [Holy Relics], [Death Holy Grail], [Ding of Thunder], [Holy Essence], [Horus of Horus] Eyes], we need to complete the corresponding copy and main line challenge to unlock them. At that time, improving them can greatly strengthen our combat effectiveness.

The above is the method of improving the combat power of the underground city brought by Xiaobian. For more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update for you!