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Hand -phase encyclopedia: emotional line

Hand -phase Encyclopedia: The key to understanding emotional response is the emotional line. The horizontal line at the top of the palm depicts the emotions deep in your heart and your relationship with others. The position and shape of the emotional line reveals your sensitivity and emotions.

Hand -phase encyclopedia: fingerprint

For the first time in the literature, the record of the skin pattern was recorded by Czech physician Berkin in 1832. At that time, he noticed the wrinkles covered with the surface of the skin on the palm of the hand, and formed a specific pattern. The lines of each finger are unique, and the fingerprint of the right hand will not be the same as the fingerprint of the left hand. Different from the palm line, although the fingerprint will increase with the age of the person, it will not change, and whether it is cut or burns, the fingerprint will restore the original state with the wound healing.

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Hand -phase Encyclopedia: Destiny Line

The life line symbolizes the quality of life, the wisdom line indicates your mental details, and the emotional line depicts your emotional world. However, there is no direct relationship between the fate line and your work and how you face the surrounding environment. From the vertical destiny line from the palm, connect your life and personality -related lines