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What are the easy -to -use marbles for Goblin Bouncing

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The marbles in "Goblin" are the main attack weapons in the game, and the pneuma can be strengthened to the third level. The effects of different levels of marbles will be different. Pearls, rolling stone bullets, thorns marbles and so on.

Easy to use marble recommendation

The highest marbles can be strengthened to the third level. The following will list the marbles that are recommended to choose priority

Lightning magazine

Basic Damage 2 | Critical damage 4

(1) A nails around the surroundings when they hit

(2) Allow any enemy on the screen, and all enemies will be hit vertically during the crit (ground and flight)

Weakened but can be used, playing some remote monsters is strange

Bombing bead

Basic damage 0 | crit damage 0

(1) Each hit 8/10/12 nails will be converted to a bomb

(2) You can convert a bomb for the first time

It is easy to use, the bomb flow is necessary


Basic Damage 2 | Critical damage 4

(1) The marbles are huge

(2) The attack will penetrate all enemies, but can only attack the ground enemy.

Rare group attacks can be taken, but marbles are not very easy to use


Basic Damage 2 | Critical damage 4

(1) The thorns effect when hitting the enemy (the state of the thorns: unable to move, the enemy who moves through them will be damaged by 6 points per layer)

It looks good but a bit of chicken ribs, just take it if you don’t choose

Medical marble

Basic damage 1 | Critical damage 2

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