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How to see the fortune day of the eight characters, the day is more rich than the robbery day pillars

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I left money in the process of life development. In fact, people's lives are difficult to do. So how to make money and how to make you make money more smoothly is related to what you do. In this process, it is also necessary to combine eight characters and Japanese pillars to learn about the overall direction of its own fortune development.

Eight -character Rizhu see the Lord of the Lord and the Five Elements of Five Elements

In the matter of seeing the eight characters, in fact, you can find the fate of the Lord's Hi Five Elements. Generally, when the five elements of the five elements, the Lord is easy to walk well, representing more happy events, and doing things smoothly. If the five elements are avoided, generally indicate twists and turns, and there are bad things that appear, so in order to avoid bad luck, they all hope that there are more happy five elements in life. The development of wealth. In this way, we can understand the development trajectory of future wealth more clearly in the eight characters.

Sitting on a fortune day, the sun pillar is rich and wealthy

Sitting on the eight characters of fortunes in the day, in fact, the combination of the Japanese pillars: Jiachen, Jiayu, Yi Chou, Yi Wei, Bing Shen, Ding Zi, Wu Zi, Ji Hai, Gengyin, Xin Yan, Renwu, Guiyi. The life Lord of this eight -character combination often attaches great importance to money. It is very important to see money. Generally, it will not spend money easily. I prefer to accumulate money. As long as you have enough money in your hand, the heart of the Lord will have a sense of security and satisfaction. People with this characteristic characteristics are often suitable for wealth management and financing, and they can often make money in this regard!

Sitting more than robbing the sun is more rich in the sun pillar

In the case of the Japanese pillar, in terms of the combination, in fact, there are: Jiayin, Yiyi, Bingwu, Ding Yan, Wuchen, Wuxu, Ji Ugly, Jiwei, Gengshen, Xin Yan, Renzi, Guihai, Guihai Essence The life master of this eight -character combination generally works hard to make money, spending money generous, likes to find money with friends and brothers, and speaks of righteousness, but it is also easy to disperse money. The most hopeful way to get rich in this type of eight -character lord is often stock trading or game. Therefore, for people of this eight -character, they are basically rich people.