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Dreaming tomatoes

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Dreaming tomatoesWhat means? Do you dream of seeing tomatoes? Dreaming that tomatoes have a real impact and reaction, and there is also the subjective imagination of the dream, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the Tomato by Zhou Gongli dream net.

Western treper is good luck. Cherry tomatoes symbolize the red luck.

Dreaming of tomatoes, indicating all auspicious.

The unmarried man dreams of eating tomatoes, indicating that you want to go, or you will marry a beautiful gentle wife.

Unmarried women dream of eating tomatoes, indicating health, or will marry a strong husband.

The married woman dreams of eating tomatoes, meaning health, family happiness.

Married men dream of eating cherry tomatoes, indicating that dreams should be made, and household income will continue to increase.

Dreaming of eating tomatoes or having tomato, or tomato juice, etc., indicating that you will succeed or satisfied.

Dreaming to sell cherry tomatoes, indicating that you may be punished.

Dreaming of buying tomatoes, indicating that your home is coming to guests.

The patient dreamed of eating tomatoes and predicting will soon heal.

Dreaming of eating rotted tomatoes, indicating that there is a bad change, thinking about bad luck.

Dreaming of ketchup, indicating that you will have a very attractive friend.

Dreaming of yourself and tomatoes, foreplay dreams will happen, be careful.


Dream solution: Dreaming that tomatoes symbolize the red transport, meaning that the dream of dreams will take a new step.

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