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"Rock Kingdom" Aurani is recommended

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The Rock Kingdom game Annola is about to go online, many small partners want to know how Aronii skills? The following small knots brings you "Rock Kingdom" Aurani's consumption recommendation introduction, interested, speed to watch!

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"Rock Kingdom" Aurani is recommended

1. Match: Qi Men's Terminal + Devil Code + Soul of Soul + Undead

2, character: stubborn, cheerful, naughty, cautious

3, brief analysis: ancient civilized pets. Nether final seal prevention and control of the anti-injured opponent, the death of the death will be added to the enemy, the soul of the soul is strengthened, and the devil must be crit, and the output capability is still available, both skills It also takes responsibility to consume the function of the PP. According to the description of the demon, it seems to consider the devil shield or magical shift.

The above is the "Lock Kingdom" Aurani, which is brought about by 3DM, is introduced, more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update you!