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The new study found that when the Viusui Virgin, Italy will erupt again(3)

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For these two prehistoric events, the researchers have determined that the "rocky" magma stayed in the room for approximately 5,000 years. Before the eruption of the history period, it was only stored in this repository for approximately 1000 years.

For all eruptions, the residence time of the "ring rock" magma in the upper crust room is consistent with the sleeping period of the Vesui volcano. Bachmann said: "We believe that it is probably a large number of rocky magutes in the upper crust to block more original, hotter magma from the deeper reservoir. Vibui volcano has a fairly complex pipeline system."

The volcano has several magma, connected by a pipe system. The top magma, which is essential, is filled with a magma from one of the lower magma rooms in a fairly short period of time. In this colder environment, magma cools and crystallizes, resulting in chemical changes in residual melt (this process is called "magma differentiation"). Experts say the "partial" magma of Visuwei volcano is a brilliant rock. At some point (may be relatively fixed interval), more original, or "magma" flows from a deeper place into the upper cavity. This replenishment causes the pressure in the cavity to rise, which can force the flash magma up, may have until the surface, start to break out.

In the past 10,000 years, the Vibui volcano seems to have always had a magma. However, the problem is that there is a dangerous eruption like 3950 or 79 years ago.

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