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Dream of a child

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Dream of a childWhat means? Do you dream of dreaming of having a child? Dreaming of having a realistic impact and reaction of children, and also have the subjective imagination of the dream, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the child by Zhou Gongli Dream official website.

Dreaming of children, on the one hand, I symbolize your inner, fragile, pure, saying that you are very love, childlike, the future is bright. On the other hand, it may indicate that you will encounter a crisis.

Dreaming of the child sick, or screaming, indicating that you can suffer from the framed, defamation, experience the bump, and endure a hard life. If you dream of your child's illness, there is also possible to predict your career, or encounter a problem.

Dreaming of playing with a child, indicating that the work is smooth, or the school life is full, and even loves you excited.

When my mother's woman, I dreamed my child, I said that my child's love, care.

Dreaming of the child, suggesting that luck should start going to the slope.

Dreaming of the child is burned by the fire, but I can't do it, indicating that you will encounter serious trouble, there may be a crisis, even seriously injured or lost life.

Dreaming of angry children, suggesting that you are unhappy with others, or have good friends will be with you.

Dreaming that the urchin of the naughty egg, hints that you have passed the joy and indulgence, which may bring trouble today. If you dream of you are an abnormal childhood child, you will show you a stupid move, and the childish thoughts will let you fall into a dilemma.

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