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The Zhongyuan Festival of Sheep is good, and the middle and Yuanyuan Festival is a sheep fate.(2)

real teen faith real teen faith

Dry dry branch level: [Ding Wei] [lower, etc.] Ding fire is sitting on apropian, Yangsheng Yin, white. Ding Wei, old age can't live.

Daily-drying analysis: I am strong, the interest is expensive, personality is well-behaved, not easy to obey; the brothers live, and the career is proud. Women's Qian Hui, Diligence and Developed, Sincere Career, Defense Outlet No Tail, Yiliang Quality, Careful to Mind, Catch Capable.

In 1991, the Birth of the Sino-Born Festival was parsed:

Day dryness: Duni simple, confident, but the taste is stubborn, prevent deception, sometimes lack of endurance, easy to do in halfway. It is not enough.

Day-drying level: [Ding Wei] [Shangma] Sitting in Changsheng, Night, Wenchang, the owner is noble and smart, see super group, admired, and there is another rebellion innovative personality.

Daily-drying analysis: happy face, passion, fate; profitter is expensive, early finishing, hardship. In the late year, the children are there; the woman is clear, and the half-saving is half a fortune, self-reliance.

Which day is the best

Sheep is born in the lunar calendar / lunar calendar, seven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, 30 days

At the fourth day, he was a sheep man: the career, not tired, the man recruited good wife, and he helped the family.

At the beginning of the seventh day, the belongings: gentle tolerance, people are good, good reputation, neighborhood harmony, good fortune.

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